Boulder.Earth Nights are a community-wide exploration of climate action via intentional community and collaboration.

Calling all community organizers, artists, climate scientists, students, innovators, entrepreneurs, and other eco-social warriors to join in a night of sharing in food, music and rich conversation. Together we will explore how we are working collectively to build a regenerative, inclusive and vibrant future!

Past Boulder.Earth Nights:

February 9th, 2017: Boulder.Earth Potluck & Community Night #2

THEME: Aligning thought, word and deed—recognizing allies & creating our future

There’s something magical that happens when a diverse group of people come together. For this break-out discussion go-round we asked some old and new questions inspired by Barb Edwards:

  1. What in your life or work or world, what around you right now is dying or ending? What are you experiencing that is wanting to be born? 
  2. Often our conversations are fast, and they can sink quickly into anxiety, mixed with multi-tasking & we aren’t all that present. But tonight we are slowing down. This is a special time of pristine listening when two people are not doing anything other than being present to what you have to say.  The question: Given the situation the world is in, what sits heaviest in your heart right now, that it would help you to share it?
  3. We are living in a time of profound disruption. What is it asking you to develop in yourself in order to go forward?



Our first Boulder.Earth Night focused on building relationships and mapping our climate community. With almost 100 people in attendance, it was a spirited night of community and celebration. There was an abundance of food, more people than available chairs, and folks even told us that they had "the most meaningful conversations [they'd] ever their life." Wow!

For our breakout discussions we used a section of Civic Engagement and the Restoration of Community: Changing the Nature of the Conversation, a booklet written by Peter Block. The questions we asked were:

  1. Where are you experiencing a world that is ending or dying and where are you experiencing a world that is wanting to be born?
  2. Now, envision Boulder’s tomorrow. I mean really envision it. Just thinking about the possibility gives life to that possible future and creates the intention for it to emerge. It’s 2030 and we’re 100% renewable. How the heck did we get here? 
  3. What can we create together that we cannot create alone? (you can read folks' answers to this question on our blog, here.)



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