Hey Boulder! Take your Carbon Footprint AND....Pay it Forward!

We have teamed up with Earth Deeds to educate AND transform.

Visit this page to measure the impact of some or all your wonderful travel activities... for work or to see family or to explore....all good things that just need to be transformed into new low or carbon free methods.

It’s quite simple and will only take a few minutes of your time.  First, select your favorite organization from the list of possibilities (or all of them if you can’t decide ;-) and then input travel information for a period of time that has meaning to you — the “Earth Month" of April, the year-to-date, a recent vacation, etc.  Finally, you will see the estimated social cost of these emissions (through rising sea levels, declining agriculture, etc.) and contribute what you can to the organization(s) you selected.  

Please note 90% of your donation will go to the project you select and 10% goes to C3 and Earth Deeds to pay for bank fees and their work to to create local and national opportunities like this. 

Join the Boulder EarthWeek Team and let's show the world what an engaged community can do!

For more information, visit: http://earthdeeds.org/