And support our Boulder friends in their quest to make our community more connected and collaborative. Scroll down to learn more.

What is the MIT Climate CoLab?

The Climate CoLab contest aims to address global climate change via a crowdsourcing platform where thousands of people around the world are able to submit, critique and collaborate on climate mitigation solutions.

How did Boulder Get involved?

Earlier this year, MIT approached the Resilient Boulder to pilot a localized version of the Climate CoLab—a great honor. The contest, “Fostering Climate Collaboration in Boulder, CO," has been co-managed by C3 Boulder: Climate Culture Collaborative, the City of Boulder, Resilient Boulder and MIT. Winners will be announced on Earth Day, April 22nd. The proposals will be voted on by a team of renowned judges and monetary rewards will be awarded to contest winners as well as the ability to pitch the winning solution at MIT’s Solve Conference in 2016. (For more information on MIT's Climate CoLab visit:

What was our question?

Boulder’s question was simple: “How can we build community engagement and connectivity around climate change?”

It was clear that new creative innovations are waiting to emerge—mobile application, a web portal or a new format for bringing problem solvers together—and the MIT Climate CoLab Contest provided a space to capture solutions.

From campus life at CU, Naropa and Watson University, to the flourishing downtown tech and business sectors…we are all seeking ways to connect in new and meaningful ways to create a more inclusive, sustainable future. What’s more, these answers can’t just come from one section of our society. In order for them to really work we need co-ownership from all corners.

How'd It Go?

It totally blew us away! Boulder’s contest generated 39 proposals, three times as many as Nike’s contest which had two massive launch parties in London and NYC! Clearly, Boulder is ready to connect for collective impact, and that is exactly what C3 Boulder is trying to do.