Boulder Earth Week Potlucks:

This year, we are inviting Boulder community members to host a potlucks between April 17th and the 29th.

Why Potlucks?

Potlucks not only bring people together to "break bread," they create a food community without any sort of hierarchy or division of roles. At a potluck everyone is the cook, host and guest. Everyone does dishes and everyone gets fed. And when we join our offerings together, there is an abundance of diversity and deliciousness.

And that's exactly the sort of culture we're hoping to create with Boulder Earth Week. When we bring together a resilient community of thinkers, creators and doers, we can combine our efforts and our minds, to create lasting solutions here and beyond.

I'm in! How do I host one?

You can start by downloading our Boulder Earth Week Potluck Party Guide for tips and tricks. Let us know that you're planning on hosting a potluck by emailing This will help us keep track of how many potlucks are happening, and help us allocate funding for the potlucks in the future.

Is there anything we're supposed to do at the potluck?

Yes! We've got some food for thought we'd like you to discuss. Here's the prompt:

It's the year 2030 and we've not only achieved our City's climate goals, we've exceeded them. Boulder is powered off of 100% renewable electricity, we're increasing biodiversity and all homes and businesses are zero waste. How did we get here?!

questions to consider:

1) What were the big moves we had to make to get us here?
2) What types of actions were you most excited to take?
3) What support did you need to act?
4) How did we track and record progress?
5) What did you witness that filled you with hope, excitement and possibility?

Share your Answers, ideas and stories here! 

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