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City of Boulder Youth Opportunities Advisory Board (YOAB)

Students: Edith Garcia, Foster Greer, Tatjana Kunz & Dana Gonzalez

This video is a collaborative project with the City of Boulder and local high school students who are members of the Youth Opportunities Advisory Board (YOAB, students listed above). This short film is about climate change impacts and opportunities for action in the Boulder community.


First place winner from University of Colorado’s Inside the Greenhouse β€œComedy and Climate Change Video Competition."

Heather Libby, Weathergirl Goes Rogue

Arctic ice cover just reached its lowest point in recorded history. Pippa goes off script and drops some science. For more, check out tumblrFacebook, or Twitter. Filmed at Strut Studios in Vancouver, starring Pippa Mackie and Kai Nagata. Written by Heather Libby.