Congratulations to our micro-grant awardees! Of the 33 proposals we received, we could only choose 10. The judging panel selected community projects that support one of the City of Boulder’s Climate Commitment themes: energy (transition to a renewable energy economy), ecosystems (restoration and enhancement of ecosystems to sequester carbon and buffer against climate change), or resources (achieving a zero waste economy and lifestyle).

See the awarded proposals:

1. 350 Colorado / People's Climate March of Colorado. Money will go towards various aspects (from poster making to marshal training) around organizing the People's Climate March in Denver on April 29th. 

2. Foldable Clothes Laundry Drying Racks for Low Income Residents: Money will go towards purchasing foldable laundry drying racks for distribution to owners of the city of Boulder's low income housing ownership program. 

3. Boulder Carbon Capture Project/ION Engineering: Money will go towards hiring technical assistance to help with submission to the Boulder Energy Challenge. ION Engineering has developed a state-of-the-art carbon capture technology that has been proven to economically remove 90+% of CO2 from fossil fuel power and industrial sources

4. Suck the Straws out of Boulder: Money will go towards an educational campaign around removing the use or availability of plastic straws in Boulder. 

5. Animated Stories: Ecological Design & Tutorials: Money will go towards hiring technical assistance to help complete the animation of the story of a girl and her cat who are on a journey to conquering their fears about the destruction to the planet and finding their courage and inspiration, while coming in contact with tangible solutions, and then seeing/realizing a world of abundance. The story was created by a local 17 year old and two 12 year olds.

6. EcoArts Connections: Money will go towards a series of three meetings each in two Boulder mobile home parks (San Lazaro and Boulder Meadows) to assess the interest, feasibility, and logistics for replicating and improving on its highly successful program Sustainability Culture Club: Greening a Mobile Home Community through Natural History, Energy, and the Arts.

7. Community Cycles: Creating Clean Mobility and Cutting Boulder’s Carbon Emissions from Transportation: Money will go towards hiring technical assistance to help with application for the Boulder Energy Challenge. Community Cycles works to ensure cycling is accessible to everyone in our community, regardless of race, ethnicity, income level, immigration status, and gender or gender identity. 

8. BumbleFumble: Money will go towards hiring technical assistance to help with web development and grant applications. BumbleFumble is a pollinator organization that focuses on unique interventions in urban settings.

9. MODE - A Truly Carbon-Free Bulk Delivery Service in Boulder: Money will go towards hiring technical assistance to help with grant application. Momentum Delivery (MODE) is Boulder's first truly carbon-free cargo and bulk delivery service.

10. Solutions Voyage Bike Power: Money will go towards building a bike power generation station. It will serve as a social hub that brings people together to pedal for a shared purpose, whether that be powering music for a dance party, tools for an action day, or cell phones in the park.  

Thank you to all the applicants!

See our Daily Camera coverage here.

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#TogetherWeWill Micro-Grants:

Local Innovation Around Climate,

Energy and Community Benefit

See our press release here.

See our Daily Camera coverage here.

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This Boulder Earth Week, C3 Boulder: The Climate Culture Collaborative, is working in collaboration with the City of Boulder and the Impact Hub Academy to pilot the first ever #TogetherWeWill Micro-Grant program. The community has already begun to organize around climate action, and these micro-grants are a way to take our visions, commitments and organizations to the next level. 

The goal? Bring people together to share a meal, share ideas for building grassroots solutions, discuss what is already working, and up the commitment to meaningfully address climate change.

  • Do you have ideas for low carbon/high benefit actions?  
  • Does your neighborhood already organize around a small scale solution you think others might be able to use?  
  • Does your school or business have sustainable solutions that need to be grown?  
  • Do you know a group of people (e.g. church, non-profit, social group) who want to take action but doesn't don’t know where to start?

• • •

#TogetherWeWill Micro-Grants: A simple formula for positive change 

We believe in Boulder. We believe when creative people get together with a shared vision and mission, we can create incredible things—so we’re going to make it easy: 

1. Fill out our three question application by 12pm MST, Friday, April 7th:

Up to $300 will be awarded, late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Notification of awarded funds will be sent out Monday, April 10th.

Two possible tracks: 1) Put micro-grant money towards a small-scale, local action or 2) Put the micro-grant money towards hiring technical assistance (e.g. grant writer, facilitator, etc.) to help applicants apply for larger-scale grants or take on larger projects*. Projects need to generally address one of the City's Climate Commitment’s overarching themes (energy, resources, ecosystems). Learn more about Boulder’s Climate Commitment here:

Eligibility: City of Boulder residents, non-profits, community and neighborhood groups, businesses, schools—all can apply by submitting this short application. Dinner size is limited to ten guests. Applicants must identify a point of contact for their group who agrees to present at Boulder.Earth Potluck. Gatherings must take place during Boulder Earth Week, April 17-23.

2. Organize a Dinner Gathering during Boulder Earth Week:

Once you’ve been selected, the next step is getting together. We’ll provide dinner for a group of up to 10 people to gather and flesh out their idea. Participants will be asked to answer four questions which are designed to draw on the wisdom and experience of our community to help identify the highest impact actions we can take to create a more regenerative and inclusive future here in Boulder. Be sure to have a good note-taker to help capture answers! Restaurants have donated dinners for small community gatherings to be hosted across town during Boulder Earth Week (April 17-23).

• • •

Sample ideas:
Track 1: Local group of permaculturists use money towards a permaculture action day at an urban farm in Boulder.

Track 2: Green tech group uses money to hire a grant writer to help with their application for the Boulder Energy Challenge.

*The Boulder Energy Challenge is putting $250,000 in grant funding on the table for the best proposals for low emission/high benefit community projects. This round will include a new focus area called, “Community Mobilization Grants.” These grants are intended to support approaches and programs that will mobilize climate action collaboration between individuals, households, or businesses. The #TogetherWeWill micro-grants are one way for individuals or groups to kick start development of future Community Mobilization Grants. Guidelines can be found here. Proposals can be submitted between May1st and June 15th.


QUestions? Comments? Looking to connect?

Please feel free to use the below contact information to discuss your ideas, ask questions, or connect with others interested in these topics: 

Emma Ruffin | C3 Boulder: The Climate Culture Collaborative | c: (804) 517-5267